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Our fuel cell system solution for your application.

zepp.solutions specialises in the development, integration and deployment of fuel cell system solutions.
We enable easy access to clean power from hydrogen by offering hydrogen power generation systems as a service.
In order to allow our customers a trouble free transition to zero-emission power systems we develop complete,
tailored solutions for minimum disruption of proven operations and workflows.

hydrogen fuel cell.

Zero emission power.
Fast refuelling.
Continuous operation.


Our fuel cell system fully integrated
into your application and workflows.

zero emission.

Zero CO2 emissions.
Zero NOx emissions.
Low noise emissions.
Zero health risks.


Our comprehensive service.
Infrastructure. Maintenance.

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" I believe fuel cells could end the 100-year reign of the internal combustion engine."
Ford Jr.

Our team is grown out of the core technical development group of the Forze Hydrogen Racing Team of the TU Delft. We have each spent several years in leading full-time roles on the development of PEM fuel cell systems and have managed to built strong contacts to the relevant industry. With more than five years of experience in fuel cell system development, optimization and operation we decided to commercialize our technology and expertise with the focus on eradicating the struggles of fuel cell adopters. We are developing complete fuel cell system solutions for our customers, which fit perfectly in the requested application and operation.


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