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Heavy Duty

The high power demands and utilisation rates of heavy-duty equipment complicate electrification based on battery energy storage. Fuel cell systems can meet the energy demands of this application without any change in operation or workflow.

Freight application
Logistics & Material Handling

This category ranges from material handling equipment to distribution trucks. Electrification in this sector is especially beneficial for applications with continuous indoor operations or inner-city drive cycles. While battery-powered vehicles imply a limited range and long charging cycles, fuel cell power opens up possibilities for longer ranges and quick refuelling, offering simpler operations and organisation.


Maritime applications range from inland and harbour vessels to recreational and luxury yachts. A fuel cell system can be used to provide propulsive power or to provide the power needed for hotel utilities. The benefits of fuel cell power: it’s silent, vibration-free and clean

Public transport application
Public Transport

Fuel cell-powered propulsion of public transport vehicles allows for quieter and cleaner inner cities, without any trade-offs on the range of the vehicles or fleet size investments. Similar to applications in the logistics sector, fuel cell power opens up possibilities for longer ranges and quick refuelling that battery-powered alternatives are unable to match.


Backup Power

Data centres or telecommunication systems can be protected using reliable, low maintenance and fast backup power systems based on hydrogen-electric fuel cell systems.

Off-grid Power

Hydrogen is a way of transporting energy, our fuel cell systems make it usable. For off-grid operations, our system provides a clean and silent alternative to common diesel generators.