Design & implementation of mechanical components for hydrogen fuel cell systems and their integration

This job has 2 main focus points. Integration is a large part of the job. You are responsible to mechanically integrate components in an existing fuel cell system in 3D-CAD. This complete system also has to be integrated in a customer application like a vehicle or ship. You are responsible for this integration and the alignment with the customer in the mechanical field.

Components are not only delivered from suppliers, but new ones are also developed. This job also involves designing mechanical components in 3D-CAD, from a certain set of requirements, analyse them via FEA methods on their strength, mechanically stress test the component to verify the FEA and in the end integrate this new component in the existing product, which is the complete fuel cell system. You are also responsible for the outsourced production of your newly developed product.

We are looking for someone who can easily adapt to the diversity of tasks that arise when working in a young  and growing company. Someone who knows how to mechanically design and integrate in a practical matter and understands the importance of durability.

Job in a nutshell

  • Analyse component/product requirements
  • Develop mechanical components in 3D-CAD, analysis with FEM
  • Integrate these components in an existing product
  • Integrate the product (fuel cell system) into an application (vehicle)
  • Document and report
  • Research new materials and production techniques
  • Develop and execute mechanical stress tests

Our needs & wants

  • HBO degree/level in Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Experience/skills in 3D-CAD modelling
  • Understanding of load and strength calculations, applied on FEM analysis
  • Good understanding of shock and vibration analysis
  • Good understanding of production techniques and material selection
  • Fluency in English with effective communication skills

Note this

  • Located in the historic city center of Delft, The Netherlands
  • 40 hours work week
  • 30 days leave per year (1 FTE)
  • Time-for-time
  • Working at home and at the office possible
  • Annual contract with a prospect of permanent employment
  • The starting date is flexible