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Hydrogen-powered heavy duty applications

zepp.solution fuel cell systems power the Terberg YT203-H2 prototype in the Port of Rotterdam.

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Fuel cell technology on the water

Hydrogen fuel cell technology can power a wide variety of applications. Our special marinised systems can be applied anywhere, from small crafts to large vessels.

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Compact, highly integrated fuel cell system modules

At we develop hydrogen fuel cell systems. Our technology is highly integrated to reduce technology adoption cost and time to market. The extremely compact modules free up space for other on-board equipment such as the hydrogen storage system.

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Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems develops and integrates hydrogen fuel cell systems for clean, mobile power generation.

Why Hydrogen & Fuel Cells ?

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has major advantages over its market alternatives like battery energy systems or conventional combustion engines. Applications in which our technology can best show these advantages are characterised by one or more of the following points:

  • Medium to high average power demands
  • Long continuous operations
  • High utilisation rates
  • Fleet operations
  • Low emission requirements
  • Electrically powered operations in harsh environmental conditions

If you are interested in our zero-emission power systems or components, or if you would like to know more about the possibilities hydrogen offers for your application, get in touch.

Products and Services is specialised in the development, production and integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems. These systems enable the emission-free propulsion and operation of vehicles, or other high power demand applications without any drawbacks on uptime, cost or lifetime. also supports concepts and projects with its consulting and engineering services.



The high power demands and utilisation rates of heavy-duty trucks complicate electrification based on battery energy storage systems. Fuel cell systems can meet the energy and power demands of this application without any change in operation or workflow.
This category ranges from material handling equipment such as smaller forklifts to distribution trucks. Electrification in this sector is especially beneficial for applications with continuous indoor operations or inner-city drive cycles. While battery-powered vehicles imply a limited range and long charging cycles, fuel cell power opens up possibilities for longer operation with quick refuelling, offering a bettery businesscase with simpler operations and organisation.

Shipping & maritime applications range from inland and harbour vessels to recreational and luxury yachts. A fuel cell system can be used to provide propulsive power or to provide the power needed for hotel utilities. The benefits of fuel cell power: it’s silent, vibration-free and clean.


Hydrogen is a way of transporting energy, our fuel cell systems make it usable. As generator sets for inner city or off-grid operations, our systems provide a clean and silent alternative to common diesel combustion.

Data centres or telecommunication systems can be protected using reliable, low maintenance and fast backup power systems based on hydrogen-electric fuel cell systems.
Public transport application