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Hydrogen &
Fuel Cell System

zepp.solutions develops application-specific hydrogen fuel cell systems and components for clean, mobile power generation

Products and Services

Zepp.solutions is specialised in the configuration, integration and control of hydrogen and fuel cell systems. These systems enable the emission-free propulsion and operation of vehicles, or other high power demand applications without any drawbacks on uptime, cost or lifetime.

Zepp.solutions also supports your concepts and projects with our consulting and engineering services.

Why Hydrogen & Fuel Cells ?

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has major advantages over its market alternatives like battery energy systems or conventional combustion engines. Applications in which our technology can best show these advantages are usually characterised by one or more of the following points:

  • Medium to large average power demands
  • Long continuous operations
  • High utilisation rates
  • Fleet operations
  • Low emission requirements
  • Electrically powered operations in harsh environmental conditions

If you are interested in our zero-emission power systems or components, or if you would like to know more about the possibilities hydrogen offers for your application, get in touch with us and we can take a closer look at your specific application.



Hydrogen Yard Tractor

Development of hydrogen and fuel cell system for yard tractor manufacturer Terberg Benschop.

Watertaxi Rotterdam

Development of hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system for the Rotterdam Watertaxi together with the SWIM consortium.

ISHY - Ship Hybridisation

Development and implementation of a scalable fuel cell system for maritime applications.