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Introducing the next-generation hydrogen-powered truck


Introducing the next-generation hydrogen-powered truck


Introducing the next-generation hydrogen-powered truck


Introducing Europa – the first hydrogen-powered truck that doesn’t require compromises. With a range of more than 700km and the ability to pull an ISO trailer (13.6m / 45ft container), Europa offers the same payload capacity and workflow as a diesel equivalent. But unlike diesel trucks, Europa is 100% emission-free, making it the ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Featuring the advanced X150 fuel cell system, the 350 bar Europa is set to launch in 2024. Europa trucks with a 700 bar hydrogen storage system will be available later. This latter option allows for a range of more than 1000 km on a single fill, perfect for long-distance transport. 

With a sleeper cab and customizable options, Europa is designed to meet the needs of any transportation company. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to experience the future of sustainable road transportation.

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Hydrogen fuel cell system integration

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the key to an unprecedented zero-emission range. Hydrogen allows you to bring more energy than batteries in a package that weighs less. And when you finally do run out of fuel, 20 minutes is enough to fill up your tanks completely. This makes the Europa ideal for long-distance transportation. With hydrogen fuel stations becoming more common in Europe, fuel cell trucks are becoming a more attractive option by the day.

The Europa truck is specifically designed for the European transportation sector, with strict EU regulations guiding its development.

Payload capacity. Zero-emission combinations can weigh up to 42-tonnes instead of 40 tonnes in most EU-countries. Europa weighs less than 2 tonnes more than comparable diesel trucks, and thus offers a similar payload capacity.

Non length-restrictive. Clever engineering to ensure ISO trailer compatibility. Standard 13.6m / 45ft containers are no problem – just like for diesel-tractors.

Made for the long haul. The Europa truck is designed for long-distance transportation, with a full-size cabin and sleeping quarters behind the driver.

Zero-Emission. The Europa’s  zero-emission powertrain makes it compliant with even the most stringent emission regulations, making it a future-proof choice for (international) operations in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Long range. A Europa truck with a 350 bar hydrogen storage system can travel up to 700 km on a single fill. The 700 bar version offers a range of well over 1000 km.

Quick refueling. With hydrogen refuelling stations becoming more widely available, it takes less than 20 minutes to fill up the Europa truck.


The Europa truck is powered by’ cutting-edge X150 fuel cell system. With the X150, all the necessary control and subsystems to turn hydrogen into high-voltage electrical power are integrated into the module, making integration a breeze.

The module is also available for integration into your own applications, which could range from construction equipment to inland shipping vessels

The Europa hydrogen-powered truck from offers a range of innovative features that make it a game-changer in the transportation industry.

Specification 350 bar H2 storage 700 bar H2 storage
Hydrogen storage capacity > 50 kg > 80 kg
Range > 700 km > 1000 km
Electrical energy content after conversion > 900 kWh > 1450 kWh
Axle configuration 4x2 4x2
Max. trailer length in combination 13.6 m / 45 ft container 13.6 m / 45 ft container
Payload capacity Same as diesel equivalent Same as diesel equivalent
Sleeper cab Yes Yes

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