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Two hydrogen tractors ordered at Dutch Lean & Green Congress

During a very well-attended Lean & Green Summit in Utrecht, the Netherlands, representatives of Vos Transport Group, BCTN Network of Inland Terminals and completed the order for two unique hydrogen tractors. The trucks will be delivered at the end of 2023 and have a range of at least 600 km.
(Left to right) Kevin Schreiber (, Roy van Verseveld (Vos) and Nick Koekkoek (BCTN) sign the order confirmation for 2 hydrogen tractors

With 3 stars, both BCTN and Vos Transport Group have been leaders in Lean & Green for years. Lean & Green is the leading Dutch CO2 reduction program for companies in the logistics sector. During the annual L&G Summit, the companies jointly presented the DREAMH2AUL project to a large group of interested parties. This opportunity was also seized for the next milestone in the project: signing the order confirmation for the two hydrogen tractors. For both Vos and BCTN, this step is part of their ambition to achieve the 4th Lean & Green Star. Both companies have already submitted plans for this to the organization. is now starting the development of the two hydrogen-electric trucks, delivery is planned for the end of 2023.

A lot has changed since the announcement of project DREAMH2AUL at the end of 2021. The costs of parts, materials and hydrogen have risen sharply, while the economic security within the logistics sector has decreased. Despite the fact that all this has a significant effect on the investment for all parties involved, it has been decided to let the project go ahead. Directors Jules Menheere (Vos) and Joop Mijland (BCTN), who are also working together to set up a Container Terminal in Deventer, are both convinced of the importance of these developments. Menheere: “Especially in these challenging times, it is important to continue investing in order to realize our sustainability ambitions. We should not slow down now, but rather set a good example.”

Long-distance transport on hydrogen

Within the consortium, is responsible for the development of the two hydrogen-electric trucks. These will be the world’s first hydrogen-powered zero-emission tractor units that are allowed to tow any trailer under current European regulations. The trucks will have a range of more than 600 km. To achieve this range while also offering driver comfort and an attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), zepp is using their the zepp.X150 fuel cell system. This system offers high efficiency and extremely high power density, leaving space for more hydrogen storage and a sleeping cabin.

The hydrogen powertrain will be installed in two N3 tractor units, which will be used by Vos Transport Group and BCTN Group for city distribution, regional container transport and (international) long-distance transport. TNO will compare the performance of the trucks with alternatives. The parties hope to promote the roll-out of sustainable road transport.

The trucks are expected to be operational by the end of 2023. The DREAMH2AUL project is supported by a DKTI subsidy of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Visit the DREAMH2AUL website for more information