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The zepp.Y50 fuel cell system offers a unique level of integration at industry leading power density.

With its full scope of supply it is ideally suitable as a turn-key drop-in solutions with minimum integration effort. The high efficiency and durable system design enables robust operation in the most demanding applications at reduced operational cost.

Turn-key fuel cell solution

The completely integrated supply-scope of the zepp.Y50 fuel cell system makes it an ideal drop-in solution with minimum engineering effort and lower cost of integration.

Our fuel cell systems are are all-in-one packages containing fuel cell, energy management and thermal control systems. The integrated DCDC converter can deliver power directly to a battery of choice.

Best in class power density

A compact design (240L) with best in-class power density enables use in tighter applications or increased capacity for fuel or payload.

Custom form factors, hydrogen storage systems and energy control strategies are developed to fit your needs. The system is available in both a horizontal and vertical layout.

Smart, robust and safe

The advanced control system with real-time monitoring and data-driven optimization enables  an exceptional efficiency, operational robustness and a prolonged system lifetime. These in-house developed solutions minimize the total cost of ownership for the operator.

The module is built according to European standards and equipped with internal hydrogen leakage detection and ventilation.

Ready for action

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is an attractive technology for applications that combine a demand for high continuous power output with long operational uptimes.

The zepp.Y50 is based on our in-house developed fuel cell technology platform, that has proven itself in multiple successful integrations.

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Jan Bot

Product expert – heavy duty

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Product expert – maritime

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