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Ab Initio - Sustainable Training Vessel

Delivery of a maritime hydrogen fuel cell system to be used in the new STC training ship ‘Ab Initio’ will develop the hydrogen fuel cell system for a new training vessel for the STC Group. The 67 meter-long ship will be used for the practical training of students of maritime courses. The ‘Ab Initio’ is expected to enter service in September 2022.

From the start of the design in 2018, STC considered it important to familiarize the professionals of the future with technology of the future. The inclusion of modern and sustainable technologies has been of the highest importance for the STC group. The ship contains an electric powertrain and the deck is covered with over 200 square meters of solar panels. Knowing hydrogen will play an important role in the shipping industry, the STC board decided to also implement hydrogen technology on the ship in late 2021. After a convincing proposition, was given the green light March 31st to supply the hydrogen fuel cell system and hydrogen storage system as a complete solution.

Role of will produce and integrate a maritime 50kW system based on their existing maritime fuel cell system platform and a complete hydrogen storage solution.

Project results

The casco is outfitted by Concordia Damen in Werkendam, the Netherlands, which is also where the fuel cell system will be implemented. The current planning aims at setting sail in September 2022, when the ship will be used to educate a new generation of maritime personnel on the future of inland shipping.

Take a look at the STC Ab Initio website for more information

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