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Terberg Benschop
Hydrogen Yard Tractor YT203-H2

The development and realization of a hydrogen-electric powertrain for the Terberg YT-203H2 yard tractor. 

Terberg Benschop B.V. and B.V. joined forces for the development of a fuel cell yard tractor, the YT203-H2. The objective of this collaboration is the development, testing and demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell yard tractor, optimized for the demanding operations of a conventional Terberg tractor. The YT203-H2 specification covers all the operational requirements for different applications such as logistics, distribution and ports for the global market.

The hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, with the only emission being water. The hydrogen will be stored in gaseous form under high pressure, enabling quick refuelling and long operation.

Role of is responsible for the development of the custom hydrogen-electric power train.

Project results

Testing of the fuel cell terminal tractor started in October 2020 in the port of Rotterdam, where the vehicle is deployed in daily operations to collect a wide range of data.

This project is being supported by the DKTI-Transport regulation of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Project-related news