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Our application and onboarding process

Diversity fuels innovation. Feeling included and valued fuels engagement. Our culture fosters diversity and inclusiveness as a reflex, not just an initiative.

We collaborate in an open manner, based on trust. In practice, this means all ideas are valued and seriously considered. Bring your true self to work, we all have plenty to learn and plenty to teach. This innovation-focused mindset keeps us at the forefront of our sector.


When we publish a vacancy, we make sure that you know what we are looking for and what your letter and CV will be screened for. We might ask you to focus on answering a certain question or explain specific aspects in your letter.

Our HR employee will respond to your application by e-mail within three working days.


Your CV and motivation letter will be read carefully. Your application will be scored by (at least) the HR manager and the hiring manager on a predefined set of requirements.

We might be interested in you without having a suitable job at zepp in the short term. If that is the case, we will ask you if we can include you in our talent pool. We will then keep you informed of new vacancies and we will contact you immediately if an interesting position in the team opens up for you.


In advance, we determine how many people we will invite for an interview. The candidates who score best in the letter and resume selection according to our selection method will be invited for a semi-structured interview.

Semi-structured, because we ask all candidates the same questions, but we might go a bit more in-depth or ask follow up questions, depending on your answers. This way, everybody gets the chance to answer the same questions, but we still leave space for a personal touch from your side.

In this interview, you will meet with your future manager and our HR employee and you can ask us any questions you might have about zepp and the vacancy.

Again, scoring will be done on a predefined set of requirements.

In some cases, we will invite you back for a second interview or perhaps even an assessment. If so, we will let you know clearly and in a timely manner.


If we both feel we are a match, we will have a meeting to discuss your terms of employment and we will determine your first working day together.

Your new colleagues will immediately start preparing your new workplace, and they probably can’t wait to meet you, the latest addition to the zepp team.

In your first weeks you will process a lot of information. We provide you with a large part, but we invite you to also get in contact and ask your new colleagues about their work, for example over a cup of coffee or during one of our daily lunch break walks to the (super)market.

We've seen you here before.

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