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Dutch consortium starts development of hydrogen trucks and filling station

The Dutch hydrogen project DREAMH2AUL has officially started. The project includes the development and testing of two 44-tons hydrogen-electric trucks and creating a public hydrogen dispenser at a filling station at the A1 Deventer business park in the Netherlands. The hydrogen offered at this filling station will be exclusively “green”. Both the dispenser and the two trucks are set to be operational mid 2023.

In this project, TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland N.V. is responsible for adding a hydrogen option to the filling station. takes on the development of the trucks. Transport companies Vos Transport Group and BCTN Group are each intending to put a hydrogen-electric truck into service in their day-to-day operations. TNO will compare the performance of the trucks to alternatives. With this project, the consortium aims to accelerate the roll-out of sustainable road transport.

Hydrogen-fuelled long-distance transport

Within the consortium, is responsible for the full development of the two hydrogen-electric trucks. These will be the first hydrogen-electric zero-emission semi-trucks that can pull any trailer meeting current EU regulations. The operating range of the trucks will be more than 600km. To offer this range while still providing driver comfort and an attractive TCO, zepp will develop and deploy suitable high-efficiency fuel cell systems with extremely high power density.

The hydrogen powertrain will be built into two N3 trucks which will be deployed by Vos Transport Group and BCTN Group for urban distribution, regional container transport and (international) long-distance transport. Both companies have been operating for years at the forefront in the European Lean & Green CO2-reduction programme and are on their way towards becoming one of the first European logistics companies to receive the fourth Lean & Green Star. They have done so thanks to the various CO 2 reduction measures and major savings they have already achieved.

Green refuelling along the highway

The two trucks will be the first hydrogen-powered trucks at this TotalEnergies filling station where hydrogen is being added by TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland for this project. Exclusively green hydrogen will be supplied at this filling station. LNG is also available at this location. TotalEnergies in the Netherlands is working hard to expand a network of filling stations with clean fuels such as green gas, hydrogen, LNG and electricity. This innovative multifuel filling station in Deventer is contributing towards TotalEnergies’ mission in the Netherlands of achieving ongoing increases in sustainability. 

The DREAMH2AUL project is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management’s Demonstration Scheme for Climate Technologies and Innovations in transport (DKTI in Dutch).

Further information about the project and the various stakeholders can be found at