Watertaxi Rotterdam

In 2021, passengers can board a Rotterdam water taxi running on hydrogen. It will be the world’s first time on this scale that a commercial boat comes into operation running entirely on this zero-emission fuel. The hydrogen-water taxi is being developed by the SWIM consortium.

A fuel cell based system will be developed and then integrated into the Watertaxi. Simultaneously the boat’s efficiency is going to be optimized, to fully capitalize the advantages of operating on electric propulsion by fuel cells from hydrogen. The aim is that the boat’s performance will meet or exceed the performance of its peer boats, allowing it to be fully embedded into their operational schedule. 

Watertaxi that will be fitted with zepp.solutions hydrogen fuel cell system

Role of zepp.solutions

zepp.solutions is responsible for the development and supply of the hydrogen fuel cell system and the onboard hydrogen storage system.

Project results

The first passengers are expected to be boarding in the second half of 2021.