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Hydrogen-electric watertaxi in Rotterdam

The development and realization of a maritime fuel cell system and onboard hydrogen storage system to be used in the Rotterdam Watertaxi. Developed within the SWIM consortium.

Since 2022, passengers are able to board a Rotterdam water taxi running on hydrogen. It was be the world’s first time that a commercial boat on this scale comes into operation running entirely on this zero-emission fuel. The hydrogen-water taxi is being developed by the SWIM consortium.

A fuel cell based system has been developed and will be integrated into the Watertaxi. The boat’s efficiency is is optimized to fully capitalize the advantages of operating on electric propulsion by hydrogen fuel cells. The aim is that the boat’s performance will meet or exceed the performance of its peer boats, allowing it to be fully embedded into the operational schedule of Watertaxi Rotterdam. 

Role of is responsible for the development and supply of the maritime hydrogen fuel cell system and the onboard hydrogen storage system.

Project results

The ship was delivered in mid 2022 and was christened on August 30. The first passengers boarded in the second half of 2022 and the ship has been in commercial operation ever since.

Take a look at the SWIM website for more information

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