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Mechanical Integration Engineer

As we ramp up design, development and production, we want to expand our Mechanical team. We are looking for engineers who love a tech challenge and will join us in helping transform mobility on land, water and in air to zero emission.

If you are interested in us, we are probably interested in you too. So introduce yourself to us and we’ll see if we’re a match for each other.

As a mechanical integration engineer your responsibilities will lie in the fields of maritime, automotive, aviation or any other heavy duty application. You will integrate either all or a specific set of our systems into a given application, vehicle, or similar product. Collaborating with your colleagues, the mechanical design engineers, you will be responsible for integrating our core subsystems into a customer-specific, comprehensive solution.

Shipping & maritime applications range from inland and harbour vessels to recreational and luxury yachts. A fuel cell system can be used to provide propulsive power or to provide the power needed for hotel utilities.The advantages of fuel cell power are manifold: it is silent, vibration-free, and clean. The larger the energy demand, the more advantageous the use of a hydrogen fuel cell system becomes compared to battery electric energy storage. Hydrogen can be refueled quickly, and it allows for the realization of larger and lighter energy storage solutions. The first application of zepp in the maritime industry was the realisation of a hydrogen fuel cell watertaxi in Rotterdam. Many similar but also larger realisations are following in the coming years. 

Heavy duty summarises a wide range of applications. From off-road machines such as excavators, yard trucks and other port machines, to on-road long haul trucks, buses or even generators for zero emission mobile power generation. Zepp has realised a wide range of operations in the past and is continuously expanding into new heavy-duty fields. In 2018 Terberg Benschop and zepp.solutions joined forces to start the development of a fuel cell yard tractor, the YT203-H2, a first of its kind. Since 2022, two Liebherr 916 Litronic wheeled excavators have been operational in the Utrecht area, equipped with a Zepp fuel cell, hydrogen storage, and thermal management system.

The aviation sector encompasses a wide range of applications associated with the aviation industry, both on the ground and in the air. Zepp actively participates in both domains, collaborating with a European partner to implement hydrogen-powered, zero-emission ground power units for aircraft operation at the gate. In this capacity, Zepp manages the comprehensive integration of hydrogen-related components, including the fuel cell, hydrogen storage, and thermal management system. Within the Dutch partnership HAPSS, a consortium dedicated to the advancement of hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft, Zepp takes charge of developing the fuel cell modules.

The proper integration of our fuel cell, hydrogen storage, and thermal management systems into the application or vehicle is as crucial as the performance of each individual component. This comprehensive integration is of vital importance to ensure a reliable and competitive zero-emission operation.

Task description

Designing mechanical components and integrating existing subsystems in 3D-CAD, based on a large set of requirements is an important part of your job. The overall integration/system will be analysed via FEA methods on their strength to fulfil with the given regulatory and customer requirements. You are responsible for the entire development cycle of the newly developed component/product. For new products/prototypes this also includes managing production and assembly.

You are responsible for mechanically integrating the overall system into the customer application which includes close communication and collaboration with the client. You will assist the integration of the finished system at the customer location into the vehicle, ship or other.

We are looking for engineers who can easily adapt to the diversity of tasks that arises when working in a young  and growing company. Team players who know how to mechanically design and integrate in a practical matter and understand the importance of durability.

Job in a nutshell

  • You will acquire detailed knowledge of the working principles of zepp products
  • You will play an important role in the development of future systems as well as technical upgrades on existing integrated systems
  • Analyse system/vehicle/regulatory requirements
  • Work together with design engineers and clients to fulfil application specific system requirements
  • Develop mechanical components and systems, from 3D-CAD to final integration (design, FEM analysis, production drawings, assembly)
  • Support testing campaigns of new integrated systems

Our needs and wants

  • Open and driven to play an essential role in zepp’s contribution to the energy transition
  • Experience/skills in 3D-CAD modelling
  • Minimum HBO degree/level in Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Understanding of load and strength calculations, applied on FEM analysis
  • Keen desire to gain practical knowledge through some hands-on work/workshop
  • Proficient level of English with effective communication skills

Note this

  • Temporary contract with a clear prospect of permanent employment
  • 40 hours work week, time-for-time
  • Salary € 3.000 – € 4.200 depending on relevant knowledge and experience
  • 30 days leave per year (1 FTE)
  • Located in the historic city centre of Delft and innovation hotspot RDM in Rotterdam
  • The starting date is flexible

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For the selection procedure, we use an objective recruitment and selection method. After the letter-and-CV selection, there will be a round of interviews. If necessary, a second round of interviews will take place. Alternatively, an employment interview will be held.

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Are you our new Mechanical Integration Engineer?

Fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Or, if you prefer, send an email clearly stating “Application for Mechanical Integration Engineer” to work@zepp.solutions.
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