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Maritime fuel cell systems is specialised in the development, production and integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems suitable for various applications. Our maritime fuel cell systems enable the emission-free propulsion and operation of any type of vessel or other high power demand applications without any drawbacks on uptime, cost or lifetime.

Hydrogen fuel cell systems in maritime applications

Shipping and maritime applications range from inland and harbour vessels to recreational and luxury yachts. A maritime hydrogen fuel cell system can be used to provide propulsive power or to provide the power needed for hotel utilities.

The benefits of fuel cell power: it’s silentvibration-free and clean.

At, we have plenty of experience in developing maritime fuel cell systems. Projects include the hydrogen-powered Rotterdam Watertaxi that we are developing in the SWIM consortium and the ISHY project.

If you are interested in our maritime zero-emission power systems or components, or if you would like to know more about the possibilities hydrogen offers for your application, get in touch.

SWIM hydrogen watertaxi in Rotterdam
Schematic overview of a hydrogen power train.

Maritime fuel cell system technology

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has major advantages over alternatives like battery energy systems or conventional combustion engines. These key benefits are best shown in maritime applications with the following characteristics:

  • Long continuous operations
  • High utilisation rates
  • Fleet operations
  • Low emission requirements
  • Electrically powered operations in harsh environmental conditions


Our maritime fuel cell systems are designed around PEM-stacks and can be considered plug-and-play modules. They are all-in-one packages, with integrated control systems, energy management systems, thermal control and a DCDC converter that can deliver directly to a battery of choice. 

Hydrogen fuel cell systems by

We develop hydrogen fuel cell modules based on our fuel cell technology platform. What can you expect from our maritime fuel cell systems

Reliable. Our maritime fuel cell modules are based on proven fuel cell technology, ensuring flawless operations for the entire vessel lifetime.  

Flexible. The platform can be adapted to your needs, with custom form factors, tank setups and battery pairings. All designed for easy adoption.

Compact. Fuel cell, hydrogen supply, energy management system, thermal control, DCDC converter, all supporting systems and control hardware in a single package. Custom form factors are possible.

Safe. Fully integrated hydrogen safety system in line with current safety regulations. Multiple integrated hydrogen sensors provide an extra layer of safety. 

High Performance. Designed, built and tested for maritime applications. A hybrid setup with a battery allows for both high peak demands and long continuous operations.

Zero-Emission. Hydrogen and air in, water and electricity out. No CO2, no NOx, silent and vibration-free.


Hydrogen fuel cell system integration

Speaking from experience

We have integrated our hydrogen fuel cell systems for both maritime and land-based applications in various projects. 

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